Ancient Garden and Party

The inspiration for the Ancient Garden pattern comes from a journey to the island of Crete.
Visiting museums and learning about the old Minoan culture, driving through small Cretan villages, this mystical mountainous island left an indelible impression.
Ancient freehand paintings on ceramic coffins depicted the life of seaside villages - plants, animals, and had such a wonderful and bright effect.
The ancient patterns and simplicity of local life inspired the artist, who found similarities between that life and the lives of Nordic coastal people.
Such a timeless picture of ancient times seems fresh today.
It also speaks to the importance of nature, birds, animals, and the sun, which continue to shine through the centuries.

The Ancient Party pattern is inspired by ancient Greek frescoes and ceramics. Light and carefree figurative paintings depicted living conditions and ritual celebrations of the time and were the model for drawing the new central pattern of figures.
The mystical, figurative style of a woman's timeless beauty and elegance is expressed in the pattern, conveying grace and femininity. The hand-drawn pattern gives the product a special breath and personality.