Collection Story


The carousel pattern brings a sense of magic and joy to everyday life, inspiring us to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

The Wild Swans

The story of the swans combines childhood memories of globeflower fields with the enchanting tale of "Wild Swans," portraying swans as magical creatures symbolizing purity and wisdom.
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Ancient Garden and Party

The Ancient Garden and Ancient Party patterns draw inspiration from ancient Greek and Minoan cultures, combining timeless beauty and nature in a unique and graceful way.
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The Design Process

All the patterns are unique and hand-drawn, then digitized in high quality. Pattern drawings are designed and drawn according to the product dimensions and design. The drawings are originally quite large, with some drawings measuring from 50cm to 130cm. A large-format scanner is used for digitizing the drawings. The process of creating and developing patterns is labor-intensive and can take up to two months or even more, depending on the pattern.

The created patterns are printed on textiles and then products are made. We have been creating printed textiles and scarves in collaboration with reliable manufacturers for over ten years. Kätlin has always preferred natural and body-friendly fabric choices and has created her products in a way that minimizes fabric waste as much as possible. The product runs are small. 

A hand-drawn pattern gives the product a special soul and personality.